Ghetto Streetview: Virtual Photography

Concept: Take pictures in rough neighborhoods from the safety of Google Streetview. Screengrabs have only been modified by cropping, lighting, and color adjustment. The coordinates link to the original Google Maps sites.
Location: South Dallas, Texas

google streetview forest theater
Forest Theater @ 32.763968, -96.774416

google streetview dog tied to porch
Tied up dog @ 32.75509, -96.75267

google streetview dubs liquor store
Dub's Liquor @ 32.767099, -96.766105

google streetview blue abandoned house
Condemned Blue House @ 32.765758, -96.766813

google streetview white abandoned house
Condemned White House @ 32.76137, -96.747571

google streetview chicken shack
Henderson's Chicken Shack @ 32.757256, -96.754252

google streetview two men and a wheelchair
Men and Wheelchair @ ? (Lost)

google streetview men outside a store
Man Hiding Under Jacket @ 32.758944, -96.756398

google streetview car wash

google streetview pastime tavern
Pastime Tavern @ 32.771987, -96.789705

google streetview man sitting in empty lot
Man in Parking Lot @ 32.767239, -96.766273

google streetview porch sale
Porch Sale @ 32.764725, -96.768654

google streetview party on the porch
House Party @ 32.776195, -96.744757

google streetview hair salon
Unisex Salon @ 32.741504, -96.753416

google streetview tunnel
Corinth Tunnel @ 32.762327, -96.792269

google streetview trash in yard
Trash in Yard @ 32.76532, -96.766445

google streetview men pushing strollers
Men Pushing Strollers @ 32.763051, -96.768214
(For a challenge, try to find the chihuahua at these coordinates)

google streetview no drug dealing
No Drug Dealing @ 32.756406, -96.753415
All images Copyright Google

Like the idea? Send in your own and I'll post them here. Email in profile. Also, here's a link to a map of all the sites but one if anyone is interested. If you find the men and the wheelchair, let me know. Cheers, EG.

UPDATE: A sincere thanks to Robert Wilonsky from Unfair Park (The Dallas Observer Blog) for his nod to this post!


  1. this is a really fantastic idea. great post.

  2. @katie

    Thanks! Your fabric art is beautiful, by the way.

  3. the men with the wheelchair are directly across the street from the condemned blue house that you posted

  4. the chihuahua is across the street from the stroller men. looks sad, too :(

  5. another dog out front, around the corner, that could probably use a bowl of water and a friend...2421 Birmingham Ave Dallas, TX 75215

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  10. fresh street view images show the house with the dog out front as now boarded up. hope the dog got to move somewhere nicer...

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