Lane Bryant Lunches Saucy Ad

UPDATE: CNN mistakenly airs Hardtolive.com's parody of the censored Lane Bryant ad during news report. Must be Hard to Live for CNN.

Plus-sized bloggers around the country are furiously flogging their crumb littered keyboards about the supposed network censorship of a racy Lane Bryant ad. The larger-ladies-clothing manufacturer claims that FOX and ABC restricted the ad's airtime and demanded re-edits. Lane Bryant has pulled the ad, now hosting the video on their extremely pink YouTube channel. See below.

Personally I think it's a damn shame they didn't let this air. Because it's hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for healthier physiques in the media and she really looks great. But did they have to use this as the model's calendar reminder:

Of course. The BBW gets interrupted from her well-deserved narcissistic body worship by a reminder to go stuff her face. Why not just take it all the way, Lane Bryant? Here, I'll do it for you:

And I've taken the liberty of re-editing the spot for you.

McRib is back! No time to get dressed! Out the f*cking door!

UPDATE: CNN mistakenly airs Hardtolive.com's parody of the censored Lane Bryant ad during news report. Must be Hard to Live for CNN.


  1. Hey they just ran your parody on CNN Headline News by mistake in a story about the "outrage" over the ad not airing.

  2. I seriously loled at this, plus it actually makes more sense story wise

  3. "easygenius" you are a real jerk and proof positive that people like you cause young women in this country to starve themselves to death to fit in. There is nothing wrong with the woman's body in the commercial so to suggest the commercial should be peverted into a Mc Rib spot is disgusting.

  4. Simple, elegant, hilarious.
    Kudos to you.
    I'm happy to have found this site.

  5. @Angry Anonymous Lady

    Listen. I love women of all shapes and sizes and I tried to hint at that in this post. Just imagine that I'm one of your BS friends that makes off-color jokes from time to time. You would have laughed if I'd said that while we were at a bar. You might have been a little offended but you would have laughed it off. That's the kind of content we provide here. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

    @'Happy to have found this site' Anonymous

    Thank you. Hope to see you around. We write this blog to entertain, so please keep in touch.

  6. The model in that ad is sexy as hell and the troglodyte who thinks changing the text message is funny is a moron. Hope he has fun banging his boney ass girlfriend.

  7. Mwuahahaha I laughed my ass of on this fat cow!

  8. "Hope he has fun banging his boney ass girlfriend."

    You just don't get it do you?
    Nobody is saying she should be slimer or should eat less.
    She's gorgeous.
    We'd all crawl a million miles over broken glass just to wank over her shadow.

    But she likes her food (which is a relief) and that text is funny.

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