Rigor Motorist

dead man posed on motorcycle
Dad sent me an email this morning with the subject, "My newest favorite dead guy." Inside was the image embedded to the right. That man is dead, posed as if he were riding a motorcycle through his own wake. Full story via Autoblog.

An obliging or inventive taxidermist mortician at the Marin Funeral Home in Hato Rey did a bang-up job on David Colon's corpse after he died of gunshot wounds at the tender age of 22. So much so, that I can only view my own experiences with the funeral business as a series of missed opportunities.

dead man posed standing up
The possibilities are endless. Personally, I would want to be seated at a player piano endlessly cycling The Entertainer. Or perhaps standing clutching a knife. Or locked into mortal combat with a bear. Or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. And Funeraria Marin can do standing corpses, as evidenced in an older photo shown here.

God that is gangster.

This whole playing with dead bodies idea gets really fun when you consider setting up elaborate scenes with multiple bodies from massive tragedies. Imagine a group wake resembling a cocktail party in full swing except half of the guests are dead bodies. I've listed some of my favorite corpse posing ideas after the jump.

jk wedding dance screengrabs
The wedding party from the JK Wedding Video

usual suspects line up
The Usual Suspects line-up

robert palmer girls band
Robert Palmer and the Robert Palmer Girls

jack ruby shooting lee harvey oswald
Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald

deal or no deal girls
The Deal or No Deal Girls

the right stuff astronauts
The Right Stuff Astronauts

the blue man group
The Blue Man Group

Call me cruel but Haiti could have had a pretty bad ass tableau recently. They could have done a whole KISS concert crowd scene. Too soon? It would have been a great fund-raiser. 

Sources: Autoblog and Primera Hora


  1. I think you're on to something here. The museum exhibition of plasticized bodies encountered some push back when it started up in the mid 90s, but it is now commonplace. Your idea seems like a natural next step. I'd pay $20 bucks to see it.


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