Where on the internet is Waldo?

I sure miss my Where's Waldo books, but looking for him on the internet is almost as much fun. Here are today's findings:
He's in a bird's-eye view group photo.
waldo in a birdseye photo

Impersonating Hunter S. Thompson. (A serious bravo to the photographer who took this photo)
waldo in a bathtub as hunter s thompson

In a missing persons advertisement.
waldo in a missing person flyer

At the State Theater in New Jersey breaking a world record.
rutgers university breaks waldo record

On Google Earth, thanks to a Canadian woman's art project.
google earth waldo vancouver

Looking remarkably similar in real-life as he does in the books.
awesome waldo costume

In some poor bastard's tattoo.
funny waldo tattoo

Marching in a peace rally.
waldo marches in a peace rally

With Carmen Sandiego in the best couple's costume idea I've seen in a long time.
waldo and carmen sandiego costumes

Wilma (Or Wenda if you prefer) is also online.
wheres waldo wilma costume

Another Wilma.
wheres waldo wilma costume

Doesn't really count as a Wilma, but my isn't she saucy.
wheres waldo wilma costume

Ok, now I'm just off topic.
wheres waldo wilma costume

Finally, add "make bitchin' Waldo stencil/paste-up art" to the list of awesome things I am too lazy to do.
waldo graffiti art
waldo graffiti art
waldo graffiti art
waldo graffiti art
waldo graffiti art


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