Frontiers in BIGotry

Sigh...Charleston's Post and Courier recently took a public crap. Check this shit out:

If you feel guilty after reading this article, don't worry! You're not a fattist, you're just an idiot. I understand that Ken Burger probably whipped this up to capitalize on the whole Lane Bryant censored ad controversy but he could have spent more than ten minutes on it. By the middle of the article, Ken can barely remember why he even started the damn thing. It's like he wrote the beginning, passed out, came to and just started quoting obesity statistics.

Enough about his writing, the real problem is this whole idea of "fattists" or how about "fatism" since we're all making up words now? Look at Ken's laughable definition of a fattist:
...people who complain about obese people taking up too much room on airplanes, lapping over from their seat into yours.
They also roll their eyes when they see overweight people in line at the grocery store with a basket full of Twinkies and powdered doughnuts.
If you are a fattist, you might be the type who always points out fat people in the mall, or wonders out loud how they poured themselves into those jeans.
So I'm a bigoted wretch just because I don't like having a sweaty slab of living beef smothering my arm all the way to Las Vegas ? Am I supposed to turn the other cheek and keep quiet so nobody's feelings get hurt? Is that WJWD? Well fuck him; he can trade seats with me then.

Moving on, I would laugh at anybody, regardless of size, purchasing large quantities of Twinkies and powdered doughnuts. Because that isn't food and you'd have to be a moron to eat it. Yes, a fat person buying it is even funnier. It's in the same category as an oxygen tank toting emphysema patient buying a carton of cigarettes. Or a guy with a pacemaker asking a Home Depot employee, "Do you have any bigger microwaves?" 

As far as the hypothetical obese person in the tight jeans, maybe he/she should wear clothing more appropriate to his/her size. Something a little more flattering? I don't call attention to my gut by walking around Dillard's in a fucking spandex unitard.

Ken Burger certainly didn't invent this whiny American concept. I first encountered it during the time HTL's McRib Remix of the aforementioned Lane Bryant commercial was making the rounds. Several commentators and bloggers accused me of "fat-hating" and working against the "fat acceptance movement." The angriest blog's most active tag was "rape culture." Fucking spare me. Anyway, I looked into the whole fat acceptance movement and found this:

National Association for People Who've Just Given Up
The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Good Lord. How about the National Association to Advance to the Gym and get some fucking exercise? This looks to me like a group of people with very little self-respect and no ability to take responsibility for their actions, or lack of action as the case may be. They are trying to make their problem my problem and I resent that.

I've got an idea. How about local NAAFA chapters have a "march" three times a week and go on "hunger strikes" between the hours of 8PM and 8AM? Before long there won't even be an issue. Until then, can you guys please stop having your annual conferences along major fault lines?

Ken, the answer is no, I'm not a fattist. I've just got a sense of humor, which is more than I can say for anyone who takes fatism seriously. I get called an asshole regularly. Do we really have to break it down more than that?

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  1. It should say "Are you becoming a fatty advertising agency tool?" Ken, just keep wearing your relaxed fit jeans and telling people it's ok to be unhealthy and fat.


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