Pee Wee's Desegregated Playhouse

pee wee herman playhouse racism desegregation montage

Paul Rubens a.k.a "My Hero: Pee Wee Herman" is among the last generation of Americans to remember attending racially segregated high schools. Florida's Sarasota High School gave Pee Wee his diploma in 1970, just three years after conforming to the Brown v. Board of Education ruling.

Cowboy Curtis, breaking down racial barriers
This racially charged past lead to some awkward class reunions over the next few decades and now Pee Wee Herman himself has decided to end the bullshit. His suggestions to reunion organizers resulted in the formation of a special committee to address racial tensions and this year everyone finally had a good time. This Herald Tribune article tells of Rubens' involvement.

Remember kids, it doesn't matter if you're white like Pee Wee, brown like Cowboy Curtis, or sea-green like Jambi...today's secret-word is "mutual respect!"

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