10 Women in Cheap Food Costumes

I'm sick and tired of my pedestrian sexual proclivities. Here's my latest attempt to develop a unique fetish: "Women in Cheap Food Costumes."

1. "Just Shoot Me"
The cap really makes this one work

2. "California Roll in the Hay"
The always popular Eat Sushi Off Me girl

3. "Berry Pickin'"
The No-Panties strawberry

4. "A Fine Martini"
Just look at oliver nipples

5. "Fruit on the Vine"
The No-Panties Grape Cluster

6. "Patricia Popcorn"
Hot buttered, check it and see

7. "Cathy, the Candy Corn Porn Star"
Love the gloves

8. "Four Buns"
That is one bad ass hamburger dress

9. "The Refreshinator"
Titillating AND misogynistic

10. "Breakfast in Bed"
Yes, that really is Gwen Stefani
Remember gents, use protection. Lest you end up with one of these:


  1. Among these food costumes, my favorite is the overly sexy to wear, Grape costume! :D

  2. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant! bulk candy


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