You Nasty, NBC Chicago

screengrab NBC Chicago vomiting man
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Think what you will about us, but HTL would never sucker-punch you with a picture of a guy vomiting. Especially not while you try to finish a sloppy breakfast croissan-wich after drinking too many cape cods yesterday. Well, that's more than I can say about NBC Chicago.

Apparently their "news" item about a man throwing vomit filled condoms (not safe for breakfast crossain-wich) at a college campus security officer just wasn't visual enough. So they looked around for an AP photo of somebody hurling and came up with a spray-tastic picture. A quick glance at the file name reveals the photo's source as Philadelphia's Wing Bowl (nsfbc), a rather raunchy looking eating contest

What's the rationale here? The average public isn't imaginative enough to visualize vomit filled condoms? Thanks for your help NBC Chicago. I had forgotten what a fat guy puking looked like since I took the bicycle mirror off my toilet. .

I've never understood the compulsion to put a barely related generic photograph at the head of these little webby articles. Maybe it dresses up the page but Christ, in some cases it's just inappropriate. And insulting, honestly. I don't need to see a picture of yellow crime scene tape on asphalt every time you write about a fucking shooting or robbery or whatever. If I couldn't read, how would I have gotten to your site? It's the internet, not a See 'n Say.

So thanks for the fine journalism guys. Can't wait to see the visual aids for your upcoming necrophilia series. Also, I'd love to meet the 8% of people who identified that condom throwing story as boring. Their daily lives must be absolutely incredible.

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