I ain't afraid of no mosques

Ok. I'm calling it. The "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy is officially the stupidest thing to happen to America since the Iraqi WMD fiasco.

I mean look at this shit:

As of today, hundreds of Redditors have begun challenging the anti-mosquers on their own turf, that being Facebook groups like "We the People Say No to a Mosque at blah blah blah."

In the end, the verbal battle is a disheartening read. Clearly no rational discourse is possible with people who have this media induced mob mentality. Therefore, I am making it my policy that every time I am confronted with the "Ground Zero Mosque" issue, I will do my damnedest to turn the conversation into a discussion about Ghostbusters. For example:

Tip: adding GB photos to anti-mosque Facebook pages is a great way to foster a healthier discussion. Remind people that Vigo the Carpathian is the real enemy here. In other words, when logic and name calling have failed, confuse the shit out of them.

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