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Hardtolive.com features an eclectic mix of current events commentary and whatever else we want to post here. It might be a conversation transcript or a series of photoshopped pictures. It might be a love letter to your mother. Our contributors either make people laugh or make them angry, so GTFO of here if you can't take a joke.

Edward Genny is the founder and primary contributor to Hardtolive.com, posting under the name easygenius. Infrequently, Samuel Hall will post under the name smarthand.

EG created this site as an outlet for misanthropic energies going to waste in his family friendly writing career. And it's something to do while drinking alone.

Like what you see? Follow us via the Google Friendconnect link on the right. If you would like to seriously contribute to Hardtolive.com, please send a writing sample and pitch your post to easygenius (at) hard to live (dot) com. Otherwise, just leave comments.
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