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This is the post that ate Monroe, Michigan. EG's steaming response to a particularly careless baby daddy on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

Cat's out of the bag; we don't go to church. And we don't want to hear about your church. Here's a review of some of the worst paper evangelism Christianity has to offer.

A review of the bat-shit crazy stuff you can buy, in bulk, from MadeinChina.com.

CNN Headline News accidentally airs Hardtolive.com's spoof of a Lane Bryant commercial while reporting on FOX and ABC's censorship of the ad. This story was featured on Fark.com, Consumerist.com, Gawker.tv, Uproxx's Warming Glow, Lane Bryant's own Inside Curve blog, and a dozen other sites around the net. The McRib is back!

The humane and socially responsible side of Hardtolive, displayed in a post about how Edward almost bought a dog from the dreaded puppy mill.

How to take artistic pictures in rough neighborhoods from the safety of your desk. It's a Google Streetview virtual photoshoot! Dallas Observer Blog Unfair Park liked this post.
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